Summer School Schedule

SCCC Summer School Schedule 

Location: The venue of SCCC Summer School will be the E building of Ilia University. (Room E 117)


Sept 3-7
Phonology          9:30-11:15
Acquisition         11:30-13:15
lunch break        13:15-14:30
Syntax                  14:30-16:15
Semantics          16:30-18:15

Office hours

Wednesday                              Thursday                            Friday
Aravind                         18:30-19:30                                                                       18:30-19:30
Faust                              18:30-19:30                                                                       18:30-19:30
Nash/Polinsky                                                                   18:30-19:30              18:30-19:30
van Dooren                                                                         18:30-19:30              18:30-19:30

Travel and Accommodation:
Getting to Tbilisi By plane
If you arrive to Tbilisi international airport you can get to the city centre by bus, train or taxi:
Bus #37 connects the airport with the city centre.
Train to Station Square (sadguris moedani), where you can connect with city buses, metro, and minibuses.
Airport – to Station Square: 8:35 AM
Airport – to Station Square: 5:40 PM
Taxis are located in front of the Airport. Taxi service works 24/7.

There are several options for accommodation in Tbilisi. You can find hotels, hostels and apartments at reasonable price in the neighbourhoods of Vake, where the venue is located.